At Peter Pan the Glass Man we often receive questions about glass replacement, cleaning glass and types of glass for pools, balustrades and splash backs. The most common enquires are listed here to offer helpful glazing advice.  If you have a question not included in the FAQs section, please call us on 08 8263 5105.



1.    Can glass scratches be removed?
Glassmaking starts by melting sand, soda ash and lime together in large furnaces at high temperatures.  When the liquid cools, it becomes glass.  If the surface becomes scratched, it may be possible to repair it. Shallow surface scratches are easy to remedy.  However, fixing deep scratches that have penetrated the glass surface is impossible.  The glass would need to be returned to its liquid state which is not an option.  New replacement glass must be fitted.

2.    Why do I need to buy safety glass?
Australian Standards AS1288 2006 and AS 1288-94 require that safety glass must be installed in locations where accidents are known to occur at greater frequency.  Outdoor and indoor glass, doors with glass side panels, bathroom shower screens and low-level glass must be fitted with safety glass due to risk of human impact.  In these and other areas, safety glass is installed because it breaks safely on impact.

3.    Why do the Australian Standards change for original glass replacement?
The Australian Standard that applies to glass manufactured and installed in a new structure differs from the standard for glass replacement.  When original glass panes are replaced in locations where accidents are known to occur at greater frequency, it is mandatory for safety glass to be installed.

4.   How do I measure my window without a ruler or tape measure?
If a ruler or tape measure is not handy, use an A4 Piece of paper directory to approximate the size of a door or window glass panel.


1. What are the benefits of Glass Splashbacks compared to tiles?

Glass Splashbacks are so much easier to clean! There's no grout related mould to worry about .... that means less time cleaning & better hygiene.  Glass Splashbacks make your room look more spacious & modern.  They instantly brighten & lighten up the room because of their reflective surface ... and they look great with electrical appliances.

 2. When is the best time to get a measure & quote for Splashbacks?

We can come out - Once your kitchen is completely installed (bench tops & rangehood in) & the Electrician has finished the wiring for the powerpoints & all electrical work has been done. Please email/fax or phone us with your sizes before for a 'guess-ti-mate'. You'll find if your measurement are accurate - the price will be too.

3. How long does a splashback take to be installed?

It takes approximately 15 - 20 working days from measure to installation time.

 4. What about power points or cut-outs?

We need to work out exactly where the power points & cut outs are when they are  ordered because they can't be cut out once they are made & painted.  We use 6mm toughened safety glass & this can't be altered once made.



1. Does Glass Pool Fencing Meet Council Requirements and Australian Standards?

Glass pool fencing that is sold in Australia meets all council requirements and either meets or exceeds Australian Standards.

2. How Strong is the Glass Used?

The glass used in glass pool fencing is toughened safety glass that is 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm thick.  Being toughened glass, it is very, very unlikely that it will break but if it does, it will break into small cubes that are less likely to cause cuts.

3. What Surfaces Can Glass Pool Fencing Be Attached To?

Glass pool fencing can be attached to tiles, pavers, or concrete.  It can also be affixed directly to a timber deck if special fixings are used.  You can even install glass pool fencing directly onto the lawn or in your garden beds if you first pour concrete pads, as the fixings can be screwed directly into the concrete.

4. How Much Maintenance is Required?

Glass pool fencing is very low maintenance and all you will have to do is to clean the glass occasionally to keep it sparkling clean.  The use of marine grade stainless steel or powder coated aluminium means that you don’t have to worry about rusting at all.




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